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Since the mid 1980’s (NW&C and affiliated Companies) have competed dozens of projects globally. Today our customers are operating line throughout all the major geographies of the world. During this period , through technological consultation work, system planning and maintenance at the same time as the multiple linear jet technology, this one offered innovative solutions aimed at improving distribution and mechanical proprieties of nonfabric.


For the Spunchem South African project , the group presented itself as a supplier consortium for machinery , project work and system technology, offering guarantees on the product.
The calander and winder were bought separately , however the relative technological guarantes were still part of the package put together by the group intends to present itself as a machine and technology supplier. In this specific case CW&N supplied the complete spinning section ; from chips loading to web Forming , including support spinning structures and technological air as quench conditioning , stretching air compressor and NW&C Technology Fabrics main characteristics are:

• Highly resistant to breakage resistance isotropy (Machine / Cross relationship close to 1)
• No memory to the filaments
• Appropriate breakage extension
• High nail tear
• Good fluid permeability
• Other characteristics obtained with additives such as UV resistance and .ame retardant

CUSTOMER SPOTLOIGHT: Qatar Nonwovene Factory

Baluchi Group Secures multiple production line orders from Qatar Nonwoven 2014.
Baluchi Group, a Turnkey Project Provider, will supply turnkey production lines including Meltblown Spunbond and PER Geotextile technology to QNW opening summer 2015.
Baluchi Group conducted all aspects of QNW Investment including Feasibility Study,Engineered Custom Lines, Facility Design, Plant Operations Team, as well as line fabrication and installation.
Baluchi Group your “Turnkey Project Providers”

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