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• Fusion,mixing and filtering of the base polymer and its additives
• Distribution of melted polymer in the spinneret holes and subsequent cooling , crystallization and molecular orientation of the polymer , with thread formation
• Deposition of the thread  on the mantle
• Thread cohesion,to engrave rolls calendar


A good mixing and filtration of binded polymer at a low break time guarantees low thread breaking frequency , necessary to obtain large reels which will then be laminated.
The dimension of the spinneret capillary and the length /diameter relationship are important for the molecule orientation in forming the thread and therefore influence its tenacity.
The regularity of cooling both in terms of uniformity and air speed as well as the temperature guarantee regular and uniform solidi cation  and cooling of the thread under the pulling action of the jet. In this phase,it controls the crystallization and molecular orientation during the pressing phases and gives the thread its mechanical characteristics.
However,the real difference between the various technologies and their specifications lies in the jet combination.
The choice of some companies to place the thread directly onto the mantels spinneret , without visible faults , and can lead to building large , high speed lines and is used a lot in products for hygiene and where high mechanical properties are not necessary.

In order to obtain high mechanical properties and tenacity  isotropy you need to deposit threads in a cross direction of the machine, these leads need to have threads , divided into bundles and multiple jets and flaps. Flapping should have a certain lay down on webforming belt , so jets and flaps do not have to be too close.
The jets in question can Multiple linear jets positioned parallel amongst themselves and inclined in the direction of the machine (They can manage up to 900 threads each) , as well as guns placed in several rows (They can manage up to 150 threads each) . The linear jets are combined with roll flaps that move the air (Coanda effect) and are good for thread distribution , but cause the rolling effect that can ruin the appearance of the product’s surface.
Guns are combined with plate flaps and the threads ome into contact with their surfaces during dispersion and therefore they open this is also due to the electrostatic effect of friction.
The product’s surface has a better appearance as a result. Then in lay down the combination of mantle speed  with the width of flapping places the threads in such a regular way that the subsequent cohesion for the engrave rolls calendar guarantees its isotropy.
This combination is limited by the flaps ‘maximum speed so , if the line speed is increased too much the product loses isotropy because the threads are increasing orientated in the Machine Direction , a negative aspect for roofing. In the guns line , we currently  in a condition to guarantee the quality required for a production capacity  of up to 350 g/h per actual m line length.

Polyester Spunbond
• Polypropylene Spunbondor PP/PET BICO

PLA Spunbond Fiber (Polylactic Acid) polylactide (biodegradable)+ Enzima
PET APPLICARTIONS Roofing and Geotextile.


Hygiene,Medical,Roofing,Agriculture,Home furnishing,Outdoor furniture,Footwear and leather goods laminates/coating,Advertising/Promo,Automotive,Sport and Leisure,Filtration and Clothing.


Biodegradable diapers,Biodegradable packaging,sanitary textiles,hospitals,all biodegradable products.


Multiple Guns Solution,Multiple linear Jets Traditional one linear single Spinneret,One linear cross Jet and Spinneret.

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